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The main area of activity of our company is manufacturing and servicing a broad range of ceramic furnaces used in glass processing. Our expertise and rich experience gained over 25 years in The Krosno S.A Glassworks enable us to meet varied demands of our customers.

Our offer includes also chamotte fireplaces with accumulation chambers in the smoke conduit that make it possible to stay warm long after the logs have burned.

Yet another product of ours is a selection of moulders and diaphragms used to improve the cost efficiency of glass making units.

We have also commenced manufacturing electric resistance furnaces, used in decorating glass and in fusing technology of moulding and ornamenting glass. Made of modern insulated materials, automatically controlled, they are highly cost efficient and reliable. In our offer you will also find ceramic moulds.

Additionally, our company offers glass washbasins, trays, candlesticks or bentglass for carpentry.

Should the need arise, we are ready to make every effort to adjust our offer to an individual customer’s requirements.


Glass and Ceramics Studio " ZAJDEL" Bogdan Zajdel

ul. Białobrzeska 90 38-400 Krosno


mobile: +48 600 28 33 09


Glass and Ceramics Studio " ZAJDEL"

Białobrzeska 90

38-400 Krosno

Tel. +48 600 28 33 09

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