Decorative Glass

Basins, trays, candlesticks and patterns ,curved glass for furniture and doors there are some products from our studio.

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Bent glass

Bent glass is increasingly popular in interior design.

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Candlesticks are in varied shapes and sizes.

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Glass washbasins

Glass washbasins, glass strips and decorative glass items.

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Glass tables

Glass tables are an attractive alternative to traditional indoor or outdoor furniture.

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Glass plafonds produce an effect of diffused light.

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Glass walls and panels

Ornamented glass walls and panels made of thick glass or layer fused are unique elements for interior design.

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Fruit bowls

Fruit bowls are made in a variety of colours and sizes.

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All magnets in our offer are hand painted, so each magnet is unique.

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Glass and Ceramics Studio " ZAJDEL"

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