Glass washbasins

Glass washbasins, glass strips and decorative glass items.

Following the latest trends we offer washbasins, made of 15-milimeter-thick glass ornamented with unique relief, in a broad range of colours which will make your bathroom look bright and warm.
The decorative glass in varied colours and patterns combines perfectly with ceramic tiles.
We wish you a satisfying choice


download:  washbasin clamping-1,  washbasin clamping-2,  washbasin clamping-3

U-001 U-002 U-003
11-001 11-002 56-001
U-004 U-005 58-002-P-SD
56-002 56-003-SCH 58-002-P-SD
UO-001 UP-001 52-002-B-SCH
52-002 59-002 52-002-B-SCH
dekoryBgr.8mm5x5cm 58-001 dekoryBgr.8mm10x10cm
dekor bgr 8mm5x5cm 58-001 dekor bgr 8mm10x10cm
dekorTwgr.8mm5x5cm dekoryTwgr.8mm5x5cm dekoryTgr.8mm5x5cm
dekor twgr 8mm5x5cm dekor twgr 8mm5x5 cm dekor tgr 8mm5x5cm
listwyszklanegr.8mm5x60cm5x listwaszklanagr.8mm2,5x30cm
glass strip 8mm 5x60cm 5X30 cm 2,5x60 cm 2,5x30 cm glass strip 8mm2,5x30cm

bracket for wash basin